Água de Cabo Verde was born out of a passion. From a passion for Cape Verde and perfumes. Maria Giovanna, the founder of the brand, was born in Italy, daughter of a Cape Verdean mother and an Italian father. Since her childhood she visits Cape Verde and falls in love with its Morabeza. 

“Whenever I returned to Italy, after from vacation, I wanted to take a little bit of Cape Verde with me, I wanted to take the sea water, the sand, the smell, the colors, the music…”, says Maria Giovanna.

Maria Giovanna finds the roots of her inspiration in the connection with her homeland, combining the art of perfumery with Cape Verdean notes, in a fascinating mix of creative daring.

In the markets, in the streets, in the view of the sea, through photographs, travel notes, music and authentic experiences, Água de Cabo Verde draws the contours of your sensory experience.

At her grandmother’s house, between culture and tradition, Maria Giovanna absorbed the facets of a land made of soul and heart since she was a child.

Creativity, technique and instinct build a world of olfactory suggestions with the awareness of Cape Verde knowledge in its most authentic form. Maria Giovanna preserves the cultural imagery of her roots and her homeland, made of memories and scents, recreating the multiple facets of Cape Verdean history.

Maria Giovanna’s philosophy of life combines the colors and lifestyle of Cape Verde with the artisanal tradition of the concepts apprehended in her origins.

Á Água de Cabo Verde


Through the movement of sensations, memories and emotions, where the aromas are carried by the wind, the nostalgia of the land and the energy of Cape Verde.
Á Água de Cabo Verde


Água de Cabo Verde reflects the roots of  Cape Verdean soul, recalling stories through an olfactory journey associated with the infinite desire for discovery.
Á Água de Cabo Verde


The olfactory experience of Água de Cabo Verde translates into the celebration of life made of memories, sensations and moving images, enhanced through its reminiscence.


The blue of the sea and sky merge into the horizon, where the night draws a scenography of eternal beauty. And when the sky lights are reflected in the water, stealing shadows from the sand, they give us an unforgettable image of the sunset inside a bottle of Água de Cabo Verde.